Third generation volumetric 3D displays

Mar 23 2017

Third generation Volumetric 3D image displays


x1500 series represent fully new design in comparizon with  the second generation x1405 and x1406 display models. The base architecture of x- series is 1-chip DLP based system that incorporates of a number of new features which are intended to significantly increase overall 3D image quality and reduce size of system. These include:

  • Use of quad DisplayPort 1.4 that interface directly to NVIDIA Quadro P series graphics cards
  • Significantly increased resolution of high speed image projection engine
  • Substantialy increased brightness of solid state RGB power LED based light source
  • Reduced overall size and weight of a system by use of advanced collimating image optics



  x1405 (obsolete) x1406 (new) x1500
Image characteristics      
Volumetric image dimension, mm 395 x 295 x 100 395 x 295 x 100 395 x 295 x 150
X, Y, Z resolution, perceivable pixels 1024 x 768 x 50 1024 x 768 x 50 2560 x 1600 x 100
Physical image focus planes 20 20 from 16 to 24
Physical addressable voxels, million 15.7 15.7 81.9
Focus plane spacing linear linear non-linear
Display operation modes      
Color modes (color bits per voxel) RGB up to 24 bpv RGB up to 24 bpv RGB up to 24 bpv
Grayscale modes none 12 bit grayscale 12 bit grayscale
Image data bandwidth, Gbps 25.6 25.6 61.44
Computer and software compatibility      
Data transfer interface Single DisplayPort 1.2 Single DisplayPort 1.2 Quad DisplayPort 1.4
Compatibility NVIDIA Quadro K, M NVIDIA Quadro M, P NVIDIA Quadro P
Supported operation system Windows 7, 10,  Linux Windows 7, 10,  Linux Windows 7, 10, Linux
Physical Specifications      
System power requirements, W 180 180 280
Physical dimensions, mm 480 x 550 x 812 480 x 450 x 640 480 x 450 x 500
Weight, kg 57 30 30


Status: preliminary information, product in development, to be released as concept device by Q2 2017.

Some other demonstration models with different screen sizes and architecture under development.

Enquiries please address to info3d (at)

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