Bench top volumetric 3D image display

Jun 18 2018

Bench top s-Series volumetric 3D image display workstations


Bench top visualization of holographic or light field 3D images has been in focus for a number of scientists and 3D product development teams since the famous Sci-Fi movie Star Wars episodes visualized the futuristic use of holographic 3D images.


A more practical approach has been taken in developing a number of “Augmented Reality Sandbox” projects. For example – a real sand box combined with a 3D camera and image projector allowing interactively manipulate the sand bed is a result of an NSF-funded project on informal science education for freshwater lake and watershed science developed by the UC Davis’ W.M. Keck Center for Active Visualization in the Earth Sciences (KeckCAVES), together with the UC Davis Tahoe Environmental Research Center, Lawrence Hall of Science, and ECHO Lake Aquarium and Science Center. -

“Augmented Reality Sandbox” or S-series bench top volumetric 3D image display workstations

LightSpace Technologies s-series bench-top 3D display workstations are based around multi-plane time-multiplexed volumetric 3D image display technology at the core of which lies the proprietary switchable diffuser technology, also developed by LightSpace Technologies, and a fast rear image projection. The system delivers high spatial and angular resolution with a real-time 3D image representation capability, at the same time ensuring precise geometry of voxels across the whole screen in all spatial coordinates. The display technology naturally offers omnidirectional multi-view from practical observation angles, with all the major 3D depth cues (physical and psychological), including true parallax.


LightSpace Technologies introducing the future of Bench Top Display. Volumetric 3D image “SandBox” S-series display workstation aimed at professionals in fields requiring visualization of scientific and medical 3D data sets, security-related, tactical and traffic information in civil and military environments, architectural and environmental 3D designs. S-series Bench Top displays will visualize data rich 3D images with interactivity and fusion of real-time data.


Bench top display workstation integrates a high performance multi GPU computer with the necessary input devices and means of 3D interactivity. It connects to the external data sources by 10, 40 or 100 Gbit/s optical fiber ethernet interface.

MODEL COMPARISON TABLE (preliminary specifications):

  s3901 s5450
Image characteristics    
Volumetric 3D image dimensions, mm 790 x 590 x 120 1150 x 760 x 160
X, Y, Z resolution, perceivable pixels (voxels) 2048 x 1530 x 40 5120 x 3200 x 40
Physical image focus planes from 8 to 16 from 8 to 16
Physical addressable voxels, million from 24 to 48 from 130 to 260
Focus plane spacing linear linear
Display operation modes    
Color modes (color bits per voxel) RGB up to 24 bpv RGB up to 24 bpv
Grayscale modes none 12 bit grayscale
Image data bandwidth, Gbps from 40 to 60 240
Computer and software compatibility    
Data transfer interface DisplayPort 1.4 DisplayPort 1.4
Compatibility NVIDIA Quadro P6000 NVIDIA Quadro P6000
Supported operation system Windows 10,  Linux Windows 10,  Linux
Physical Specifications    
System power requirements, W 1200 2200
Physical dimensions, mm 1100 x 890 x 850 1450 x 1060 x 850
Weight, kg 200 300


Status: preliminary information, product in development, to be released as concept devices S3901 by Q1 2019, s5450 by Q4 2019

Enquiries please address to info3d (at)

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