LightSpace x-Series 3D Volumetric display x1405B

Apr 03 2016

Model: x1405B

Status: In small scale production, available for demonstration, rent, purchase.


LightSpace x1405B real-time true 3D Volumetric Display System Specifications *)

Image size and viewing characteristics

  • 395 x 295 x 100mm deep multilayer LCD image volume (19” front diagonal)
  • 90° field of view with full motion parallax in both horizontal and vertical dimensions
  • All solid-state system – NO moving parts, solid state light sources
  • Front-viewed display system with Cartesian display geometry (x, y, z)
  • NO encumbering eyewear
  • NO head tracking
  • Arbitrary viewing distance
  • Supports multiple simultaneous viewers

Display operation modes (software switchable), resolution, refresh, update rate and color depth

  • 1024 x 768 transverse pixels x 20 depth planes = 15.7 million physical addressable voxels
  • Depth resolution increases by using patented Anti-Aliasing projection technology
  • Useable color depth up to 24 bit per voxel (RGB each color up to 8 bit per voxel)
  • Image optical refresh rates in relation to color depth and achievable light intensity:
    • 30 fps (full 3D frames per second) at 24bpv (8bpc, 75% of max light intensity)
    • 40 fps at 18bpv (6bpc, 80% of max light intensity)
    • 55 fps at 18bpv (6bpc, 60% of max light intensity)
    • Several other modes possible
  • Image update rate limited by DisplayPort 1.2 max data transfer speed – 17.28Gbps:
    • 45 fps at 24bpv (8bpc) achievable with custom developed video card - x1403PCI-DP
    • 20 fps at 24bpv  with standard NVIDIA Quadro K-series adapter
  • Image data frame output rate limited by current status of PC architecture – motherboards PCI-e Gen2 x8 – 10.8Gbps:
    • Indicative - 33 fps at 24bpv (8bpc) – verified for both Linux/Windows7 operating system environment

Computer and software compatibility

  • Data transfer interface – standard DisplayPort 1.2
  • Compatible with standard NVIDIA Quadro K series - 4K display card with DisplayPort 1.2
  • Requires high speed data transfer motherboards with one free PCI-e Gen2 x8 socket
  • SDK and engineering support package include drivers and application examples for both – Linux and Windows 7 operating systems for x1403PCI-DP and Windows 7 drivers for NVIDIA Quadro K - series Display Port card

Physical Specifications (estimated)

  • System Power Requirements: 200W
  • Display unit power inlet - DC 12V, 18A
  • Supplied with DC 12V adapter for mains 85-265VAC 50-60Hz 250W
  • Weight: 30kg
  • Dimensions – unit to be mounted in 19” rack for safe transportation and deployment
  • Temperature: 20°-30°C
  • Humidity: 20-80% non-condensing

 *) All specifications subject to change without notice.




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